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The department of Geochemistry and Economic Geology deals with the cycle of elements in the earth and its atmosphere. Inspired by this definition three research groups with the focus on different aspects were formed

Our well equipped laboratory forms the basis of our work.

We develop by our research innovative technological solutions for the societal challenges like change to low-carbon energy and mobility systems, global welfare and resilient adaption to as well as reduction of anthropogenic climate change. We focus on sustainable access to raw materials and protection of our environment.


Lithium aus Deutschland

Fernsehbeiträge in ZDF - Terra X, hr-fernsehen und 3sat - Unser Beitrag zur umweltfreundlichen und kostengünstigen Lithiumgewinnung in Deutschland

Measuring the heat situation in the inner city of Thessaloniki, Greece

Cooperation between KIT and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Full Article
Carbonate standards
Carbonate Standards Ensure Better Paleothermometers

A comunity effort improves the carbonate clumped-isotope thermometer and drives its wider application

AGU Journal EOS
Saft für E-Auto-Akkus aus dem Oberrhein-Graben?

Podcast mit Prof. Dr. Jochen Kolb in SWR - AKTUELL

Download (German, MP3, 5.3 MB)
Radio report: Lithium from Germany

Europe's largest lithium deposit lies under the Rhine. Prof. Jochen Kolb knows where lithium can be found in Germany and what opportunities it offers.

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Dr. Betsi
Research fellowship for Dr. Thierry Olivier Bineli Betsi from Botswana

Genesis of orogenic gold deposits: Insights from the Tati Greenstone Belt of eastern Botswana


Ein Film im Rahmen des Stadtökologischen Praktikums am KIT

Zum Film (32:44 Minuten)

Interview mit Prof. Dr. Stefan Norra, Dr. Nicolas Börsig und M.Sc. Jonas Bauer.

Wir unterstützen Vietnam mit dem ViWaT Mekong Projekt

Zum Interview (4:40 Minuten)
Prof. Kolb Interview im ZDF-Morgenmagazin am 17.12.2020
ZDF-Morgenmagazin Interview mit Prof. Dr. Jochen Kolb zu Lithium in Deutschland

Lithium ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil moderner Akkus. Der Abbau in Deutschland soll sich in Zukunft lohnen.

Interview (3:00)
European Urbanism - Campusradio Karlsruhe

KIT-Professoren Stefan Norra (Environmental Systems) und Peter Nick (Botanik) diskutieren über den KIT Campus Süd

Zum Podcast (46:28 Minuten)

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