Geochemistry & Economic Geology Seminar Series


In our weekly seminar, we not only present our current projects, research results, dissertations and theses, but also invite external experts to selected lectures.

The seminar takes place during the lecture period on Tuesday at 16:00 hrs in Bldg. 50.40, room 157 (hybrid).

Guests are very welcome!





25.10.2022 Jorge Arthuzzi Magma evolution in space and time along the Kuboos-Bremen Line in Namibia and South Africa; An introduction
08.11.2022 Teba Gíl Diaz Behaviour of less studied elements (e.g., Cs, Sb, Te) in aquatic systems
15.11.2022 Axel Brasse LGRB Freiburg Bergbehörde - was macht denn die?
22.11.2022   No seminar 
29.11.2022 Dr. Elisabeth Eiche The fate of Selenium in the environment - analysis, observation, experiment
06.12.2022 Clifford Patten Pyrite growth during prograde blueschist metamorphism


Betseba Sebarani To be determined
20.12.2022 Carolin Reichert, Tino Degenhardt Wichtigkeit von Bodentypkartierung, Bodenkartierung, Wetter- und Grundwassermonitoring zur Integrierung der Biodiversität in die Wasserwirtschaft in Wasserschutzgebieten am Beispiel der Region Bühl bis Schwarzwald
10.01.2023 Felix Dörr, Jonas Bauer Environmental Processes in Vietnam’s southern Mekong Delta: Land Subsidence and Ground-/Surface Water Salinization
17.01.2023 Andressa de Araujo Silva Multi-stage Au-(Cu-Co) mineralization in orogenic gold deposits from the Pohjanmaa Belt, Finland
24.01.2023 Michael Eigler Mechanism of Paleoproterozoic hydrothermal Zn-Pb-Ag-rare metals mineralization in the Black Angel district, Greenland
31.01.2023 Dr. André Stechern BGR Hannover Potential uses of hydrothermal fluids for the extraction of lithium in northern Germany (and beyond)
07.02.2023 Tobias Kluge, Doro Stein To be determined
14.02.2023 Maja Brimmer To be determined