Geochemistry & Economic Geology Seminar Series


In our weekly seminar, we not only present our current projects, research results, dissertations and theses, but also invite external experts to selected lectures.

The seminar takes place during the lecture period on Tuesday at 16:00 hrs in Bldg. 50.40, room 157 (hybrid).

Guests are very welcome!







26.04.2022 Klemens Slunitschek Lithium extraction from geothermal brines through Mn-oxide adsorbents
03.05.2022 Daniel Ensslin Highly spatiotemporal resolved analysis of water quality, water and algae dynamic using multisensor system monitoring data in Westensee, Germany
10.05.2022 Erke Peng Texture and geochemistry of two-generation sphalerite from the Jingchong Cu-Fe-Co-Zn-Pb deposit, South China
17.05.2022 Dr. Dominik Gudelius HFSE-enrichment processes in alkaline intrusions: Petrological constraints from Gardiner (Greenland) and Kovdor (Russia)
24.05.2022 Michèle Jungmann Trace element mobilization in the monzogranite of Soultz-sous-Forêts
31.05.2022 Jun.-Prof. Dr. Nevena Tomašević Quantifying the lithospheric dynamics along the NE margin of Adria using sedimentary and magmatic records: opportunities and challenges
07.06.2022 No lecture because of Whitsun holidays  
14.06.2022 Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jan Blöthe
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Wenn das unsichtbare Eis taut: Geomorphologische und hydrologische Auswirkungen von Permafrostdegradation im Hochgebirge
21.06.2022 André Wilhelms CO2 | CO4 - Sensorkalibration
28.06.2022 Rebekka Reich Lithium sorption to selected inorganic sorbents: A comparison
05.07.2022 David Schiebel Investigation of a fluorite-graphite-rare metal pegmatite mineral system at the Aukam graphite project in SW Namibia
12.07.2022 Prof. Dr. Thierry Olivier Bineli Betsi Insights into Cu-Ag mineralization in the Botswana's portion of the Kalahari Copper Belt
19.07.2022 Simon Hector Metal sources in magmatic-hydrothermal systems: case study of the Kolumbo seafloor massive sulfide
26.07.2022 Dr. Aratz Beranoaguirre In situ U-Pb dating of sulphates