Geochemisch-Lagerstättenkundliches Seminar


In unserem wöchentlichen Seminar stellen wir nicht nur unsere aktuellen Projekte, Forschungsergebnisse, Dissertationen und Abschlussarbeiten vor, sondern laden auch externe Experten zu ausgewählten Fachvorträgen ein.

Das Seminar findet in der Vorlesungszeit am Dienstag um 16:00 Uhr in Geb. 50.40, Raum 157 als hybride Veranstaltung statt.

Gäste sind herzlich willkommen!





16.04.2024 Jorge Arthuzzi Kuboos-Bremen Line: first results from microanalysis and age dating
23.04.2024 Clara Schnieringer Geochemical characterisation and modelling of water-rock interactions in a confined aquifer in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
30.04.2024 Dr. Suryantini (Indonesia) Overview of Indonesian Geothermal System, Exploration Strategy, and Research Opportunities
07.05.2024 Felix Dörr, Viet Hoan Tran, Van Cam Pham Groundwater related environmental process dynamics and people’s perception in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta
14.05.2024 Dr. Sara Kimmig Radioiodine - Monitoring transport and fate of a problematic element and its isotopes
28.05.2024 Prof. Dr. Daniel Vollprecht Mineral Wastes - from Mineral Wool via Metallurgical Slags to Abrasives
04.06.2024 Tino Degenhardt Soil water balance parameters - the role in soils taking into account climate change for drinking water protection areas using the example of the Bühl region
11.06.2024 Evangelia Kardamaki Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for quantitative lithium monitoring towards lithium extraction and recycling
18.06.2024 André Wilhelms Valuable conclusions from geochemical and mineralogical analysis of sediment cores – Insights from a shallow lake in China
25.06.2024 Muhammad Nasir Tracing the magmatic and metamorphic evolution of carbonatites – the syn- and pre-orogenic carbonatites of Pakistan
02.07.2024 Michèle Jungmann Thermal fluids in the Upper Rhine Graben: Element tracers and chemical processes
09.07.2024 Christoforos Zamparas Mineral chemistry of magnetite and sulfide minerals as indicators for residual oceanic crust and hydrothermal alteration processes, Outokumpu Mining District, SE Finland
16.07.2024 Betseba Sibarani Hydrogeochemistry of Geothermal Water in the Karua Volcanic Complex, Sulawesi, Indonesia
23.07.2024 Johannes Wind Evaluation of the protective function of soils in the water protection areas of the Bühl public utility company (south-west Germany) on the basis of clay mineralogy, cation exchange capacity and geochemistry