Geogenic arsenic in the environment


Geogenic arsenic is one of the biggest issues of environmental contamination in the world. Hundreds of millions of people are suffering from chronical As poisoning worldwide. China is a typical country facing ecologic poisoning of environment geogenic arsenic in Asia. There were more than 5 million residents being at risk of chronic arsenic poisoning. Around forty million people were exposed to drinking water with arsenic concentration >10 μg/L (the Chinese drinking water guideline value). Arsenic also receives much concern in Germany. Although geochemical, health and mitigation investigations on environmental geogenic arsenic have made promising advances, interdisciplinary scientific exchanges among physicians, chemists, biologists and geologists as well as between Chinese and German scientists are quite limited. Therefore, more than 40 colleagues from China, Germany and abroad meet to discuss the ongoing challenges for the environment and public health caused by Arsenic from geogenic sources. This symposium is funded by the Sino-German Center for Promotion of Sciences operated by the NSFC and DFG.