UMAMI: UltraMAfic-hosted seafloor Mineralized systems: a mineral system approach

UMAMI Project

The path to a low carbon emission society in Europe drastically increases our needs in raw materials and requires reliable and sustainable supply of mineral resources. Europe has a long tradition in mining. Therefore, the classic ore deposits are harder to discover, and unconventional ore deposits are now targeted. Among these are the so-called “ultramafic-hosted volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits” which are enriched in Au, Ag, Co, Cu and Ni; but only few discoveries have been made partly due to the lack of coherent genetic and exploration models. In this project, we plan to develop such models using an integrated multi-scale mineral system approach in three well-defined locations: the Troodos (Cyprus), Mirdita (Albania) and Central Alps (Italy) ophiolites. Specific focus on the metal source, fluid pathways and trapping mechanisms will allow determining the paramount parameters leading to ore deposit formation and ultimately will help to discover new deposits.