Fields of work

My research focuses on single crystal and whole rock geochemical analysis. This covers the tracing of hydrothermal processes in the context of brittle-ductile tectonics during orogenic evolution, as well as of magmatic activity in the continental crust. I am currently involved in the study of Palaeoproterozoic quartz veins in Greenland, the timing of partial melting processes in the Moldanubian Batholith, as well as the recalibration of the quartz-monazite oxygen isotope thermometer.

Curriculum Vitae

Sep 2019 - Present Substitute Lecturer, Heidelberg University - Germany

Apr 2019 - Present Guest researcher at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology - Germany

2018 - 2019 Postdoctoral fellow at the Museum of Natural History Geneva - Switzerland. Project: Recalibration of the low-termperature end of the oxygen monazite-quartz thermometer through ion probe (SIMS) analysis

2013 - 2017 PhD at the University of Geneva - Switzerland. Dissertation title: Crystallization age of Alpine cleft monazite-(Ce) and correlation with tectonically driven hydrothermal dissolution/precipitation events

Publications (peer reviewed publications)

Emmanuelle Ricchi, Christian A. Bergemann, Edwin Gnos, Alfons Berger, Daniela Rubatto, Martin J. Whitehouse and Franz Walter (2020). Cenozoic deformation in the Tauern Window (Eastern Alps, Austria) constrained by in-situ Th-Pb dating of fissure monazite. Solid Earth 11, p437-467, External Link


Christian A. Bergemann, Edwin Gnos, Alfons Berger, Martin Whitehouse und Emilie Janots (2020). Dating tectonic activity in the Lepontine Dome and Rhone-Simplon Fault regions through hydrothermal monazite-(Ce). Solid Earth 11, p199-222, External Link


Emmanuelle Ricchi, Christian A. Bergemann, Edwin Gnos, Alfons Berger, Daniela Rubatto und Martin J. Whitehouse (2019). Constraining deformation phases in the Aar Massif and the Gotthard Nappe (Switzerland) using Th-Pb crystallization ages of fissure monazite-(Ce). Lithos 342-343, p223-238, External Link


Christian A. Bergemann, Edwin Gnos, and Martin J. Whitehouse (2019). Insights into the tectonic history of the Western Alps through dating of fissure monazite in the Mont Blanc and Aiguilles Rouges massifs. Tectonophysics 750, p203-212, External Link

Christian A. Bergemann, Edwin Gnos, Alfons Berger, Martin J. Whitehouse, Josef Mullis, Franz Walter and Hans-Peter Bojar (2018). Constraining long-term fault activity in the brittle domain through in situ dating of hydrothermal monazite. Terra Nova 30, p440-446, External Link

Christian Bergemann, Edwin Gnos , Alfons Berger, Martin Whitehouse, Philip Wehrens, Josef Mullis, Thomas Pettke and Emilie Janots (2017). Th-Pb dating of cleft monazite and its implications for shear zone activity: An example from the Grimsel area, Switzerland. Tectonics 36, p671-689, External Link

Edwin Gnos, Emilie Janots, Alfons Berger, Martin Whitehouse, Franz Walter, Thomas Pettke and Christian Bergemann (2015). Age of cleft monazites in the eastern Tauern Window: Constraints on crystallization conditions of hydrothermal monazite. Swiss Journal of Geosciences 108, p55-74, External Link

Christian Bergemann, Stefan Jung, Jasper Berndt, Andreas Stracke and Folkmar Hauff (2014). Generation of magnesian, high-K alkali-calcic granites and granodiorites from amphibolitic continental crust in the Damara orogen, Namibia. Lithos 198-199, p217-233, External Link