Jonas Bauer, M.Sc.

  • Institut für Angewandte Geowissenschaften 
    Professur für Geochemie & Lagerstättenkunde

    KIT - Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
    Campus Süd

    Adenauerring 20b, Gebäude 50.40
    76131 Karlsruhe


PhD student; Research associate

Dynamics of ground- and surfacewater quality caused by intensive land subsidence, climate- and landuse changes in the southern Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Research interests

I am interested in various environmental systems, their geochemical characteristics, and their interaction with each other. Currently I am working on water-related environmental challanges in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta with an emphasis on coastal groundwater quality and its potential salinization due to seawater intrusion. The confined, multi-layer aquifer system is complex, and many factors determine the groundwater composition, e.g., salinization and freshening processes, redox reactions, dissolution of minerals as well as anthropogenic influences.

My research is part of the project ViWaT - Engineering

Keywords: Hydrogeochemistry, Environmental Geochemistry, Environment, Water Sampling, Water Resources Management, Environmental Pollution, Environmental Monitoring, Environment Protection, Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Aquatic Pollution



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