Geochemistry & Economic Geology

Geochemistry & Economic Geology Seminar Series


In our weekly seminar, we not only present our current projects, research results, dissertations and theses, but also invite external experts to selected lectures.

The seminar takes place during the lecture period on Tuesday at 16:00 hrs (due to the continued limitations of contacts online exclusively).

Guests are very welcome!

Please contact Mrs. Friedrich (andrea.friedrich∂ for forwarding the MS Teams-link.






Jingwei Yang Algal Dynamics in Lake Taihu, an example for shallow eutrophic lakes - from Monitoring to Modelling
24.11.2020 Yefim Shtirkin  Impact of clogging minerals and groundwater extraction on mobility of arsenic in groundwater


Feng Jiang
Institut für Meteorologie und Klimaforschung (IMK)



Jonas Bauer

Analysis of atmospheric aerosol particles by excitation emission matrix spectroscopy




Aerosol Messstation am Durlacher Tor - Einblicke in die Karlsruher Luftqualität

02.02.2021 Dr. Denise Böhnke Mikroklimatische Messungen und Bewertung thermischer Aspekte

Jonas Bauer





Van Cam Pham

Evolution and dynamics of groundwater resources in the context of salinization and freshening in the most southern Mekong Delta, Vietnam



Assessment of household’s opinion about groundwater and its relationship with groundwater quality as well as people’s awareness of groundwater overextraction in Ca Mau Province, Vietnam

16.02.2021 Tino Degenhardt Differenzierung von PFC belasteten Klär- und Papierschlämmen in Böden im Raum Baden-Baden